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Learning tablets for the deaf children at St Luke in Endulen

Published on 16/10/2021 12:13 by Christina

The campus of the school St Luke in Endulen can now admit 200 children in boarding, the second half will begin soon. There is electricity now thanks to the solar installation and cooking is done by bi...

Kindergarten in the MTC Dogodogo

Published on 16/10/2021 12:09 by Christina

More and more very young children are brought to the center, some of them to be protected against sexual violence in their family, some of them are just children abandoned or orphans. It would be bett...

Our Projects

Construction of a primary boarding school in Endulen

Construction of a special primary boarding school for deaf children in Endulen, Ngorongoro in Tanzania. The total cost of this project amounts to 261.000 US$ or 247.860 Euros. The construction phase h...

Make a donation as a gift

We propose various items to be donated as a gift for an anniversary, baptism, wedding or funeral. You need to communicate the amount you want to donate as well as the name(s) and adress of the person(...

Renovating of existing buildings for a secondary school

Project of renovation of existing buildings to start classes of Secondary School Danie Brottier. The project consists of cleaning and renovating existing rooms for two classes as well as a dormitory b...

Storage of rain water for St Luke Endulen

This project consists of installation of a system to gather and store rain water at the school St Luke in Endulen. In order to assure fresh water supply for the above mentioned school we need to have ...

Image Gallery

Construction of the school St Luke in Endulen

The construction works have started in October 2016. In 2021 we are half way through with 180 school children. We want to continue up till 400 Children!

The first class rooms were finished in January 2017 The first pupils The track suit with slogan on the back side The school bus

Solidarity project in the Lenten season 2018-19

The parish Terre d'enVol has collected Money for the construction of a dining hall for the school St Luke in Endulen

Action of solidarity during Lenten season in Terre d'enVol In 2018 We started in Hesingue mixed soupes taste better

PAMINA – is a charitable non-profit association and it was registered as such at the ‘Tribunal d’Instance’ in Strasbourg in 2015, volume 93, folio 233 

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