Site de l'association Pamina

In Tanzania

Dogodogo, multi traning center for street children

Dogodogo the Multi Training Centre was established in 2003 to give the chance for street children of a normal life and a profession for better future

Dogodogo, street children tell their stories The Logo The responsible of the center The Street children of the center

Dogodogo, Renovation of existing buildings

Existing buildings must be renovated in order to be able to accept more street children in the center

The buildings were ruined in 2017 They had to be renovated before opening The termites had attaced the wood The second dormitory has to be renovated

Kindergarten Daniel Brottier

A pre-school class was opened in January/February for the youngest children to keep them onsite. Some children from the neighberhood come to class in order to share the cost of the teacher.

The first pre-school class The teacher is very nice The children are happy

Construction of the school St Luke in Endulen

The construction works have started in October 2016. In 2021 we are half way through with 180 school children. We want to continue up till 400 Children!

The first class rooms were finished in January 2017 The first pupils The track suit with slogan on the back side The school bus

Sponsoring of a deaf child for school in Endulen

The parents of deaf children don't pay school fees for their handicaped children

Cecili Isaya Edward Elia

The solar system in Endulen

The project consist of installation of a solar system to provide electricity for the School St Luke in Endulen. In partnership with the NGO Energie sans Frontières, the secondary school Pierre Termier, both from Grenoble and with KIITEC from Arusha

People from EsF onsite to evaluate the campus Jean-François, Christophe and Jacky at meeting in Grenoble Preparing materials to be sent to Endulen The local technic under construction

Dogodogo, collection of rain water

This project was finished in 2019. It consisted of installing gutters and water pipes to gather and conduct rain water into the big tank

The gutters are fixed first After the gutters the drainpipes Down to the water tanks All the way down

Electricity through solar energy for Mgagao

This project was finished in 2017. We financed the material necessary to instal a solar system in the Parish St Andrew in Mgagao.

Parish St Andrew in Mgagao The Fathers House Meeting in the Chapel in Kyria Installation of solar panels

Electricity through solar energy for SUMA

The project is already finished. We have financed the material to install a solar system for electricity at SUMA, a secondary school in Engikaret, in Masa¨land not far from Arusha.

SUMA Secondary school at Engikaret The pupils in class with the director of the school Installation of the solar panels Technical room

In France

Garden of Christiane H.

Christiane H. has invited several times Family, Friends, Neighbors and Artists to bring a afternoon in her lovely garden, Pamina has also been invited

l'après-midi dans le jardin de Christiane H. Stand de PAMINA Tombola au profit de PAMINA En bas les prix de la tombola

Christmas market in Kaysersberg

Since 2016 is PAMINA present at the very nice Christmas market in Kaysersberg in the cottage of solidarity

Marché de Noël à Kaysersberg Noël à Kaysersberg La crèche Les boutiques

The reunion of associations in Strasbourg

MDAS organize every year a reunion for all the associations of Strasbourg in the parc called la Citadelle. PAMINA has participated since 2016

La rentrée des associations La présentation de PAMINA qui œuvre en Tanzanie Le stand de PAMINA Le P Simplis est venue pour parler de la Tanzanie

Christmas market at ARTE

It is a solidarity act on behalf of ARTE to invite associations to sell their products to the personnel before Christmas as proposal for a gift

Marché de noël chez Arté dans la salle Salzbourg chez arté Vente de noël chez Arté vente du miel d'Endulen

Solidarity project in the Lenten season 2018-19

The parish Terre d'enVol has collected Money for the construction of a dining hall for the school St Luke in Endulen

Projet de carême en Terre d'enVol En 2018 Ouverture du projet à Hésingue JP aime mélanger les soupes

Aloe Vera and solidarity

We were gathered one afternoon to learn about the positive powers of Aloe Vera and because of our solidarity towards the marginalized children in Tanzania

Après-midi autour de l'Aloé Véra Claire présente les vertus de l'Aloé Véra Des amis fidèles présents La solidarité pour la Tanzanie

Exposition and sales of Patchworks

The Group Accropatch has exposed their Patch works for sale in Meinau to support the projects of PAMINA

L'expo-vente de Patch à la Meinau Des beaux Patchworks exposés Les nombreux visiteurs ont garanti le succès

Solidarity march with Tarte Flambées afterwards

A solidarity march took place in the forest of Ohlungen. Afterwards we baked and enjoyed Tarte Flambées close by.

Une bonne participation La marche solidaire pour les projets de PAMINA La forêt était belle Pur plaisir

La Schola Gregorienne of the Cathedral in Meinau

La Schola Grégorienne of the Cthedral in Strasbourg participated at the mass of 26.10.2017 in the church St Amand in Meinau

Au profit des projets de PAMINA La Scola de la Cathédrale à St Amand